My Goal

My goal is to change the lives of 1 million people by 2020 and help them to quit their jobs! I want to enable people around the world to live a life of financial and geographical freedom, just as I have made it possible for myself.

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The 10 Commandments of
The Chainbreaker
No slave of the system

A Chainbreaker knows that governments and the capitalist system serve only one purpose – to control the masses.

The 1 %

A Chainbreaker belongs to the 1% of society that does not work for their boss or the system.


A Chainbreaker lives their own self-determined life and not the life in which their environment urges them.


A Chainbreaker knows no racism and meets every human being with respect.


Money is only a means to an end. A Chainbreaker has an automated online business that generates enough money for their family.

No compromise

A Chainbreaker listens to their heart energy and lives a purposeful, uncompromising life.


Many envious and naysayers will want to divert the Chainbreaker from their path. But no one can break their will.


The life of a Chainbreaker is independent of their workplace, the politics or the country. A Chainbreaker is at home in the world and can run their online business from anywhere.


A Chainbreaker has a lot of time for both themselves and their family because they do not work for the dreams of a boss.


A Chainbreaker is deeply grateful for the most precious gift they have been given – Life.

Success Stories
Dominik Preuss

Dominik has a very moving story behind him … just a few months ago he had burnout and no time for his children. After becoming a Chainbreaker, he was able to defeat his burnout and today, together with his children, lives a life of complete freedom.

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Faheem Kenanoglu

Faheem has undergone an extremely steep development since 2017. As a spirit healer, he has not only healed himself and thousands of other people. He managed to make 100,000 € a month via the internet and now lives his dream in Cyprus!

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Christine Weismayer

Christine has been in online marketing for several years and describes herself affectionately as “The Internet Granny”. She has her own affiliate business and is one of the few that breaks standards. Meanwhile, she triples her pension through her income.

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The Chainbreaker event is a flood of emotions. It's a gathering of the biggest and most successful personalities in their business. In addition, here meet all the people who want to take their lives to the next level and get to know like-minded people!

… and the Chainbreaker event 2018 was only the beginning!

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Want to know how I converted $100 into $1.4 million at the beginning of my career?

Want to know how I could cure my depression and the biggest hurdles of my life BY MYSELF without medication or a psychologist?

Then take action and get my two books completely free as a download.

Apply and spread

Freedom always starts in the head. Your mind is a fire, which has to be ignited.

One of my biggest passions is showing other people how to build a life in freedom. On my YouTube channel I share all my knowledge for free and give people shortcuts to success!

Progress &

Everybody should use their knowledge in the best possible way … that is precisely the goal of EZ Page. At EZ Page, we develop easy-to-use software solutions for entrepreneurs.
No matter if you are still completely at the beginning or already a real professional. This will help you build a successful online business in no time.

Help others

Children can never choose their destiny – they are always born into it. They are least responsible for the circumstances in which they are located. Especially in poorer countries it is almost impossible for them to live the life of their dreams.

Only together we can make a difference. Only together we can manage to give these children a better life.